Our Ah Ouh Puc Ultimate seasons extends from September 1 to August 31st. Registration for a full or half season (September 1 – February 28 or March 1 – August 31) is in September and October.

New players are encouraged to come to a training or two before signing up.


The sign-up fee includes the FFDF licence which is required to play the championships.

full season half season
Standard € 175 € 105
Student (under 28yo) € 145 € 105
Already licenced with the FFDF with another club € 145 € 80

Sign-up procedure

Complete this online form.

Come to practice with the following documents in an enveloppe:

  1. The PUC sign-up form, printed and completed.
  2. 2 ID photos with your name on the back of them.
  3. Your player fee by cheque to the order of "PUC". You can either pay all upfront with one cheque, or hand us 2 cheques (we ask for both cheques when you sign up) cashed seperately: a €105 cheque cashed immediately and another with the remaining sum, cashed at the end of January. If you don't have a cheque-book, no worries, bring cash and we will write out a cheque for you.
  4. If you're a student and you're under 28yo, a photocopy of your student card.