Practices are open to all players in September. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come along to get to know us, both players and club alike, and why not join us in the new season!

During the rest of the year however practices are restricted to team members only. If you want to join then, do send us an email and we’ll see which practice fits you best.


Froom 2019 September 9

Schedule Location Practice 1 Practice 2
Monday 8:30 pm Stade Charlety Open 2 Open 3/4
Tuesday 5:30pm Gymnase des Arts et Métiers Youth
Tuesday 8:30 pm Stade Charlety Coed 1, 2 and 3
Tuesday 8:30 pm Stade ouest of Cité Universitaire Rookies
Thursday 8:30 pm Stade ouest of Cité Universitaire Women Open 1



It is readily accessible by public transport: